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I'm Petra (peh-truh)
I love my son, Jethro.
I have a son, his name is Jethro.
I like these things:
*thinking about how awesome
it is that Jesus died for me*
(true love)
tropical, warm & pretty places
>learning new things<
good architecture & beautiful landscapes
the ocean and other bodies of water
dancing & yoga
cuddling/hugs/kisses/being held
if I had friends I'd probably like them
food. all food

Beautiful Bird (by rjswilson)

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http://cr0nin.tumblr.com/post/98861130864/maybe-you-met-the-right-person-at-the-wrong-time →


maybe you met the right person at the wrong time
maybe you think you played the lottery and already won and think you can never win again
maybe somebody changed you and then left without an explanation
maybe there was someone else
maybe someone broke your heart and you believe there’s no way…

Crying because it all applies to me and I so badly needed to read this this.


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